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Give‘n’Take is a Nigerian world-class lottery company based in Abuja, with offices and agents spread across Nigeria. It was licenced in 2015 by the Nigeria National Lottery Regulatory Commission, NLRC, as a Grade A lottery company, to operate nationwide.
Give‘n’Take is a fully capitalised company. Integrity and trust are its watchwords; it operates on principles of the highest possible ethical standards and best practices of lottery business across the globe.
Give‘n’Take is committed to provide a robust platform for very many lucky people to winning their way to becoming wealthy by playing its games with little amounts.
Give‘n’Take has built a backbone of a rigorously tested and proven technology for its lottery business to make player experience most meaningful and worthwhile. Our systems are automated. Our automation system guarantees players equal chance of winning our games.

Nigeria’s National Jackpot.

Give‘n’Take is the creator of the first ever Nigeria’s National Jackpot lottery, that pays out the highest lottery amount in Nigeria. Give‘n’Take’s National Jackpot Game is Nigeria’s mega million lottery that holds the promise of creating billionaires in lottery wins in Nigeria.
Give‘n’Take ensures that all winners are paid their winnings immediately or as soon as practicable. Give‘n’Take Games can be played and won through several platforms. We continue to explore all other means of making our games even more handy to all eligible people; to give all persons easy and affordable access to play and win.

Real-Time Draws.

Give‘n’Take draws are done real-time. Our draws take place at the close of every of our games. Our draw results are easily accessible through several of our channels, on our website, our social media pages, through our agents etc. Our esteem players and agents and the public are welcome to watch our live draws.
Give‘n’Take is committed to charity. Substantial part of our earnings is devoted to uplifting the poor and the needy in society through various acts of charity. Give’n’Take believes in lifting those in need and ensuring that nobody is left behind in human progress by facts of their status in life.


The management and staff of Give‘n’Take is constantly working round the clock to improve its services to its players and agents.
Give‘n’Take welcomes all valuable suggestions for improvement by our esteem players, agents, our regulators and the general public. Such suggestions are useful to Give‘n’Take for the further improvement of its services.
For further information, please contact us as follows:

Getting to Know our mission...

The mission of Give‘n’Take is to provide nationwide lottery services to 170 Million Nigerians and create a platform for genuine lucky lottery business; trusted by players and winnings redeemed.
It is our motivation to apply substantial part of our profit to the provision of charitable causes, and reach out to the less-privilege in society, as well as sponsor government efforts in areas of social welfare and provision of social services.

Give‘n’Take's Vision....

The vision of Give‘n’Take is to become the biggest lottery company in Africa, trusted by those who play, providing services to those whom its license is meant to serve.
We plan to take lottery services to the greatest level of trust and acceptability among the Nigerian people and promote the values of good causes for the benefit of the needy.

Our Commitment...

Give’n’Take has commitment to itself, the public, its players, agents and regulator(s).
These commitments form the core of our business principles and values:
  • Give’n’Take is committed to building a world-class lottery that makes integrity and trust the central focus of its objectives.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to the rules of lottery business set out by government and to continue to interface with our regulators on behalf of our esteem players.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to exemplary players’ experience in playing and winning lottery in Nigeria.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to encouraging winnings on its platforms and promptly paying out winnings by players; our winners are our pride in celebrating our track records for lottery best practises.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to technology as the driving force for our business where draws are automated, in which the public, and in particularly, players, have the right of observing our draws and all players have equal chance to win; the small win is as important as the big win.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to attending the complaints by players and the public promptly. The opinion, comments and views of our players matter a lot to us.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to its staff and agents; they form our invaluable resource and we are committed to providing them safe and conducive working environment and their welfare.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to the society where we live and work. We are committed to providing a lot of people employment, and to give back to society in charity and good causes.
  • Give’n’Take is committed to consciously invest in the future of society in diverse ways, for sake of our today and the tomorrow of our children.

Our Games

Our Games are user-friendly. They are designed with you in mind. It is about simplicity, ease of play and about winning for everyone.

Our Games are user-friendly. They are designed with you in mind. It is about..

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