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What are the operating hours to play Give 'n' Take lottery games?
All games are played online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but draws close at different time depending on the game and time of the year and its disabled once its exactly the time to draw close for each game.
See the game information section for more information. Each game entry.

What are the requirements to bet on a game?

The major requirements is to be registered and have some money available for betting in your online wallet

Is it possible to bet on more than one game at a time?

A player can bet on as many games as possible provided the game isn’t closed yet. However, this can only be done on multiple tickets

Is it possible to bet on a closed game?

No, It is not possible to place a bet on a game after it is closed

If I have a complaint or technical challenges, who do I contact?

You can contact our customer service officers using any of these lines: +234 903 0000 912, +234 905 2222 250, +234 909 4444 407. Alternatively,
send an email to info@gntbig.com or gntlotto@gmail.com. You can also chat with us online using the live chat.

Can I cancel a completed bet transaction?

No. bets placed cannot be cancelled.
Kindly ensure you check through the bet items before clicking the ‘Place Bet’ button

Are there any differences between playing online and through an agent?

No, betting costs and winnings are the same irrespective of where you play from.

Is there an age limit to register and play?
Yes, under the law, you must be 18 years of age or above to be eligible to register and play.

Can I register and play anywhere?

Yes, you can. Provided you have registered, kindly login to your account on the website to play at your own convenient time and location

How do I confirm my registration?

After registering, a confirmation code will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. Kindly enter the code in the text box provided immediately after successful registration

What is confirmation code?

Confirmation code is a series of letters and digits sent to your registered phone number as an sms after registration. Without the confirmation code you cannot proceed further to login to your account or to play online.

Can I register offline or where can I play?

No, you can only register online to have a personal account but you can visit any authorised Give 'n' Take Lottery agents to play.

Are my details shared with anyone?

The personal details you have provided in your account cannot be shared with a third party or with anyone else. It will be kept secured by Give 'n' Take Lottery

Are there any differences between playing online and through an agent?

No, betting costs and winnings are the same irrespective of where you play from.

How do I deposit money into my wallet?
Funds can be deposited into your wallet for transactions using any of the following channels
  • Direct Deposit: Through Mobile Money transfer, Cash deposit to Give 'n' Take Lottery accounts, online transfer etc.
  • Paga: Fund your wallet through your paga account.
  • Scratch Cards: Purchase scratch cards from authorised dealers / agents and fund your wallet
  • Online Payment: Deposit funds into your wallet using any of the secure payment gateways integrated on the website.

Can I use the money deposited into my wallet for something else?

No, Money deposited into your e-wallet is strictly for transaction purposes i.e. Placing bets online

What do I need to open a play online account and do I have to create an account before betting on a game?

First, you must be 18 years of age and above. Secondly, register your personal details on our registration page. Account creation is for convenience and record purpose.

How do I change my details (address, telephone, email) online?

To change your personal or contact details, kindly login to the website, Click on ‘My account’ sub-tab and click on ‘Edit profile’ thereafter. You will be able to edit some basic and contact information as allowed by Give 'n' Take Lottery

How do I add or change my bank details online?

To add or edit your bank details, Kindly login to your account, Click ‘My Bank Account’ to edit or add a new account’.

Where can I view my ticket details?

Go to ’My Account’, click ‘My Tickets’ on the right hand side and you’ll be able to view details of your transaction tickets.

Where can I view my transaction history?

Login to the website and Click ’My account‘ on the menu tab, select ‘My Transaction’ sub tab on the right hand side to view your transaction history

Can I withdraw funds from my account?

Funds can only be withdrawn from your ‘Redeemable Balance’ which is an accumulation of your winnings which reduces as you withdraw from your account over time.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

To withdraw funds from your redeemable balance, kindly login to your account on the website, Click ‘My Withdrawal’ sub-tab and select your preferred withdrawal method. Enter the amount to be withdrawn and your request will be processed accordingly by Give 'n' Take Lottery.

What is the difference between Transaction and Redeemable Balance?

Transaction Balance is the sum of your deposit balance and bonus balance which is strictly meant for playing online while Redeemable balance is the aggregation of your winnings which is debited every time you make a withdrawal

How long does it take for funds to be transferred from my Play Online e-wallet to my nominated financial institution account?

Any funds withdrawn from your Play Online e-wallet and deposited into your nominated financial institution account will take one to three working days to appear.

How much can I deposit into my Account?

You can deposit between N50 and N10,000 into your wallet at a time

What should I do if My deposit balance is insufficient?

You will be redirected to the deposit page to top-up your deposit balance.

Can I transfer from my Redeemable Balance to Transaction Balance?

Yes you can transfer from your Redeemable Balance to your Transaction balance

Can I withdraw from my bonus balance?

No, your bonus balance is strictly for transaction purpose to place bets on games online

What should I do if I observe access to My Account has been breached?

Kindly login to the website and change your password. If you discover any fraudulent act, kindly report such incident to Give 'n' Take Lottery using any of their support channels

How do I know if I have won?
After the draw for each game, an SMS will be sent to all stakers with winning tickets confirming their winnings alongside the amount won. Alternatively, login to your account on the website and click ‘Credit Balance’, your Winning Balance will reflect the current amount won for the game just drawn

How often is my Winning Balance Updated?

Your winning balance is updated after every game. If you won, the amount won is displayed on your winning balance else it will remain Zero.

Where can I view my winnings history?

To view your winning history, Go to ’My Account’ > Select ‘Credit Balance’, Hover your mouse over ‘Winning Balance’; details on your last ten winnings will be displayed

When will I get paid my prize?

Your winnings will be paid into your Play Online account within 24 hours after the draw. Though payments may be delayed during public holidays.

How secure is Give 'n' Take Lottery Play Online?
Give 'n' Take Lottery has processes in place that ensure your identity and financial details are secure and you can also protect yourself from possible fraudulent activity. The security and safety of your Play Online account is a priority for Give 'n' Take Lottery